Concierge Assist Program

Overwhelmed with all the tasks needed to get your home ready for sale? Let our team take the burden from your shoulders. Our Concierge Assist Program will coordinate any home improvement services like staging, painting, repairs and cleaning in order to optimize the value and marketability of your home. Our process is designed so we can sell your home as quickly as possible with the greatest return on your investment.


Your BNW agent will help you determine which services are needed to get the best price for your home.


Once a plan is approved, our agents will work with you to engage vendors, and schedule and monitor the completion of contracted services.


There is no cost for our Concierge Assist Program; you pay the cost of the commissioned services at your convenience or when your home sells.



Interior and Exterior Painting

Deep Cleaning


Moving and Storage

Carpet cleaning and replacement

Floor repair or installation

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning repair


Roof repair

Electrical work

Plumbing work

Kitchen improvements

Bathroom improvements

Pest Control

And many other home improvement services

And we go the extra mile if you have moved on and your home is vacant…

We will make sure your trash, recycling or yard waste is taken to the street.

Turn on lights to showcase your home and turn them off for the night.

Replace batteries in smoke detectors or replace light bulbs as needed.

Home checks: secure doors and windows, clean up leaves or water plants.


With over 45 years of combined
experience in the real estate industry.
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